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Star Darkwave
oldscool & new goth allso metal or any rocker welcom or freak

Group Founder: rozz30
Description: any 1 like bands like bauhaus .nephilim . the sisters . christiandeath . alian s*x fiend etc . or bands like metallica or sabbath or hawkind
Group Type: Public join
Members: 195
Category: Music > Rock & Pop

Topics (16)

go black metal (3) enryu
can u stand black metal? iv heard many track from many such as gorgoroth, sothis, abgott, dimmu borgir etc.. but cant really get into yea then up going back to lamb of god, slayer, testament music, i ...

go fav bands (32) rozz30
wots every1s favourte bands

go Goth book (2) goth00
Lovers of the book The last cause is said to feed a new cause of a revoltion, in the Goth world the last cause coming soon to bookstores and Amizon

go Fresh Unsigned. (0) jamo72
Hi Im new to Darkwave really like to chat and meet up with goth girls. I present an online radio show called Fresh Unsigned. Check out

go amon amarth (2) enryu
any fans of viking metal band amon amarth. well some say it death metal with the viking style lyrics. i cant get enough of 'death in fire' track, ace.

go Rockfandating (0) rokgod
Hi i've started a new group for any rock an metal fans who want to chat and flirt with like minded people.

go Sisters of mercy (1) jondeary
Any fans?

go guitar in metal (2) enryu
what u think is the better guitar to use in metal for lead soloing? i seen alot of ibanez guitars, gibson les paul's, and that guitar in slayer band i think its dean razorback or sumin like that which...

go hay all.... (0) cofissa
I love type-o & nickelback.

go My group (0) sora3
Anybody readn this shld go join end of all. Its gna b worth it trust me

go Hi! I'm the new guy.. (3) stoffer
I'm Stoffer, I'm a 24yrs old male from denmark, where i work as a Tattooist.. I live for my job, my metal and s*x..

go who shud b tortured more. . .then killd (9) omega106
Britney spears or Christina agulera

go Goth Society (2) beltanes
There's a great new goth site up. Go check it out @ vampire.gif

go Cliff Burton-metallica (0) babarino
Anyone ever seen Cliff live-before tha crash,killing him? Killer base solo-Bronco bowl Dallas TX. Master o puppets tour-

go Asrai ne (1) kavya115
Can any one tel me wer can i download songs by r female death metal band..dutch i gues...